Magnetic case for iPhone - Lotisand ™

€19,99 €29,99

Opt for our magnetic iPhone case for reliable protection, preserving your privacy, and one Elegant design for your device

Easy installation and compatibility with wireless load

The magnetic design of the case allows a Easy installation and withdrawal while ensuring a optimal protection. he is also Compatible with wireless load, including Magsafe, allowing you to load your iPhone without removing the case

Elegant design and 360 degree protection

IPhone magnetic case ensures total protection With metal edges absorbing shocks. Striking -resistant tempered glass Preserves the original design of your phone. It also includes a glass lens protector For high quality photos

Protection of private life

The magnetic case protect your privacy With an innovative design including an front-off glass with micro-object technology, making your screen illegible with prying eyes. Be serene using your phone in public

Life guarantee and customer satisfaction

We are confident in the quality of our magnetic case, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty and reactive customer service. If you encounter the slightest problem with our product, Contact us And we will provide you with fast assistance as well as free replacement if necessary.