Choose the best orthopedic cushion: wise advice and selection criteria

Choose the model of orthopedic cushion which is best suited can be delicate, especially if you do not have experience in buying this type of product. With a multitude of models on the market, each claiming to be the best to relieve back pain, improve posture and offer maximum comfort, it can be difficult to determine which meets your specific needs.

Here are some tips to guide you in your choice:

Analyze your specific needs: Identify your pathologies or areas of pain. Opt for a firmer and supporting cushion, such as the model Lotisand, if you have lower back pain. On the other hand, for cervical pain, favor a soft and comfortable cushion. If you spend a lot of time sitting, a medical buoy could be an option to consider. Also think of your body size and lifestyle: a higher cushion may be necessary if you are small, while a thinner and ergonomic cushion can suit those who spend long hours in front of a computer.

Choose the right materials: Materials play a crucial role in choosing an orthopedic cushion. Among the three main materials - memory foam, latex, and polyurethane -, memory foam is popular for its adaptation to the shape of the body, offering maximum support. Latex or polyurethane cushions, although less comfortable, may be suitable for those who prefer increased firmness or that are allergic to foam.

Keep an eye on the price: The prices of orthopedic pillows vary depending on the materials and the application area. For example, for a cervical pillow, prices vary between 25 € and 80 €, depending on use to sleep or to treat cervical pain. For a special coccyx and back cushion, prices oscillate between € 35 and € 85, while high -end pillows start at € 90. It is essential to note that the high price does not always guarantee quality. At Lotisand, we are committed to manufacturing and selecting the best models according to our criteria, available only on

Consult customer reviews: Before making your choice, carefully examine the opinions and testimonies of other users. THE Orthopedic cushions Being personal products, what works for a person may not be suitable for another. In addition to opinions, a site directory can provide valuable information.

Check guarantees and return conditions: Make sure to check the warranty and return conditions of the cushion. A satisfaction guarantee is essential in case the cushion does not suit you. At Lotisand, we facilitate the return process by offering free shipping for your article and a 60 -day warranty. We are convinced that our cushions will meet your expectations. For more information, see our engagements and our return policy on

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